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Get Your Website Approved in Google News sites from any country or Get your domain or website approved in google news from countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, France, Italy and more news editions.

What is a Google News Approved Website?

Simply put, a website that has been approved by Google News is one that will show up under the "News" tab on Google after a search. These websites have clear and considerable advantage over their competition. There are very few websites however, that are able to get this approval; legitimate news websites often find themselves unable to become Google News approved.

If a website does manage to obtain the approval, there is a set of various perks that follows. These benefits far outweigh the hassle of trying to gain the approval and almost acts like a safety net.

With the boost in credibility, monetary benefits increase as well, and it is up to the owner of the websites to choose how much content to post. More content would result in a great amount of traffic as the consumers will be able to rely on the content posted on the website, this in turn will result in a greater monetary reward.
While these approved websites can be sold, wholesale websites exist as well. If the website does allow for monetary benefits, it can become a profitable website for sale.

Benefits of becoming Google News Approved Website

The list of perks is long when it comes to becoming a trusted source of information according to Google. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of having a Google News approved website.


Arguably, the greatest advantage of gaining approval is the increase in credibility. Credibility forms part of the core foundation that determines how successful your website is going to be. This is because it is natural for people to assume some degree of fabrication whilst looking at a post. It becomes much easier however, for people to trust the content posted on a website if it has been deemed a trusted source by the top search engine in the world.

With a certain level of credibility established, it makes sense to post more and more content as people will actually consider it trustworthy, this will result in a greater monetary benefit. Being a trusted source alone, is an advantage that leads to more advantages.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimized writing is a very important part of a content writer's arsenal. It is a skill that is of utmost importance as it allows a webpage to gain the maximum number of views, shares and clicks. Every website has an algorithm according to which it operates. To bypass Google's algorithm and to appear on its first page when a user searches for something, the content of the website has to be search engine optimized.

This is done in several different ways. Mainly, for the content of a website to be search engine optimized, it requires certain changes to be made to website design and the content of the website to allow it to be displayed as a top result on a search engine. This can involve using certain keywords in an article, a set number of times. There are a few on-page SEO factors to help improve search ranking, these include title tag, meta description, sub-headings and internal links.

Yet another benefit of being Google News approved is that half of your SEO work is done for you. It becomes possible to achieve high rankings on Google which is otherwise simply not possible. The lack of the 'certification stamp' on websites does not allow them to be in the same league with websites that are approved.

Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP)

Also called Search Engine Results Page, is what is shown to a consumer once they search something on their browser.
There is a plethora of content on the internet, many of which refers to the same or similar topics and ideas. However, there are a number of factors that decide which webpages are displayed on the consumer's screen when they search for something.

To rank high on an SERP, a website needs to establish itself as a trusted source that of the kind of information it offers. That alone is not enough, however. Since there is an abundance of information on the internet, there is a filtration process that determines which webpages get the highest priority.

If a website manages to become Google News approved, it instantly goes near to the top of the list for the webpages that are displayed in front of a consumer. Key words that the consumer types in are also crucial in determining which web pages are shown to the consumer. Regular websites have to pay a significant amount of attention to SEO and the use of keywords to appear on a user's screen. Google Approved sites are automatically more likely to be shown to the user once they search something.

Buying a regular website VS Buying a Google News Approved Website

It is comparatively harder to obtain a website that has been approved by Google News than website which has not. The reason for this is obvious, the website associated with Google News brings more advantages to the table for the next potential owner of the website. ‚Äč

Despite this, many people might still opt for buying a regular site that has an established audience, in the hopes that they maintain the audience or increase it. It may seem like a more rational decision to buy a website that is cheaper with a decent audience, but this still comes with an element of risk. If the new owner of the website fails to keep up with the standard the website has already established, they will lose consumers and will have a hard time finding their way back.

With a website that is Google News approved however, there will always remain a standard that cannot be challenged and this gives the owners of the website a greater margin for error. It also allows them a better chance to correct their mistakes without losing a great portion of their audience.

Marketing Your Website

Once you have bought your website, its only good sense to then market it and gain users. This can be done by posting ads of the website on other websites using various ad networks. Another great option to market your website is to make use of social media.

Marketing is an extremely important aspect of conduction a business. Not only does it allow you to advertise but it is a form of interaction with your users. Proper use of marketing and marketing tools and strategies allow you to let your users know what you stand for, what are your ideas and what kind of products and services you offer.

Marketing can be done in different ways. For example, the advertiser can simply keep the users updated with whatever they offer, or, they can go down a route that the consumer specifically wants and change the firm in a way that attracts more users.

Facebook Audience Network Ads

Facebook is one of the leading giants in the social network industry. Founded in February 2004, the social network has built its way to having a revenue of a whopping $70.7 billion in 2019. Since Facebook has been continuously expanding and improving since its birth, now, it is able to provide an exceptional ad service.

Facebook Audience Network is an off-app advertising network for mobile apps. Advertisers make use of Facebook's powerful ad system without limiting themselves to only that one particular platform. Advertisers get to display ads when people use mobile websites and applications other than Facebook. For those who have apps, Facebook Audience Network is a monetization opportunity. Anyone can join Facebook's audience network and end up getting a chunk of Facebook's revenue. Advertisements can be shown to different users about a website using Facebook's ad network.


This is an ad network that specializes in ROI advertisements. ROI stands for Return On Investment. Specifically, it talks about how much has been invested and then how much is gained from that investment. Their ROI approach has been shaped by data-led and engineering methodology and by working for over a decade with high-performance advertisers.

Adknowledge is a digital advertising technology company that specializes in versatility. Its versatility allows businesses and owners of websites to advertise their products and content on different sorts of websites i.e. video sites, social networks and also mobile apps.
Adknowledge has its own proprietary system for gauging customer interest. This allows the advertisers to target their audience better. It allows for quick, easy and accurate targeting of target users in a particular customer demographic.


Headquartered in New York, Taboola is a private advertising company that has made some strides in its respective field. The company was founded in 2007 and by 2015, it managed to raise $157 million in funding. It offers the 'Around the Web' and 'Recommended for you' advertisements on websites and at the bottom of news articles.

Taboola claims to advertise a product when users are most receptive to new products, messages and services. This can be a very beneficial ad network to promote a website and the content it offers as it is a powerful engine that provides what is new, relevant and interesting to an audience which results in new engagement and monetization opportunities. Taboola claims to be the number 1 discovery platform worldwide with 1.4 billion users a month. It also claims to have reached 44.5% of the world's population and has over 1000 employees in 18 offices globally.

Using Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are all names that you come across very frequently. This is because right now we live in the age of social media. The most effective way to stay in touch with your friends and family, give updates about your life and express yourself and your thoughts is using social media. Due to the popularity of social media, it is only natural for it to also become a great way to advertise and market.

Social media should be incorporated into a website's marketing strategy and should be used to keep users and potential users up-to-date with the content and features of the website. Another great advantage of using social media is the ability to interact with your audience. Social media can be a great way to ask your audience what they like and what kind of changes they would like to see on your website. The website can then be taken in the direction the users want and as an added benefit, the social media page of the website can be monetized as well.

Monetizing Google News Approved Websites

A Google News approved website can be an integral source of money for all those that are involved. Site design creators, editors, writers, owners all can benefit greatly from an approved website. Additional help can also be hired on a temporary or permanent basis; i.e. freelance work, creating job opportunities for talented content writers across the globe. Said job opportunities can be posted on multiple websites to be able to recruit those with the greatest talent.

There are multiple ways to monetize websites. These should especially be employed by owners of Google News approved websites. This is because these websites have a much greater potential to become an invaluable source of income. The different ways to monetize a website include Selling sponsored articles; this is essentially renting or selling space on the website to someone wishing to post their content on the website, adding AdSense to your website, Selling Amazon products and Blackhat campaigns.

Adding AdSense and Other Ad Networks

Ad networks are companies that exist for the purpose of connecting advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements. Google AdSense is a program that website publishers can make use of to post advertisements that are aimed at their customers. Website owners can engage in professional relations with various other companies for mutual benefit. These other companies can then request the website owners to advertise their product or service.

Using AdSense for the above-mentioned purpose is a good way to go because AdSense is a Google program. It is well-made and provides its users a certain degree of convenience. Google AdSense allows you to save time; adding one piece of code to your website allows for ads specifically tailored to the site's layout. Google AdSense also optimizes ads for mobile or a computer. This means the size of an ad's units are automatically optimized for users whether they are on mobile, desktop etc. allowing for a greater chance for the ad to be seen and clicked on. The advertisements are automatically maintained, sorted and administered by Google.

Selling Amazon Products

Another way to make money from your website is by advertising and selling Amazon products from it. A website owner might partner with multiple other companies and sell their products on the website. Amazon however, is a fan favorite and advertising its products can be really beneficial for the website. Amazon is an American E-commerce company based in Seattle. Its revenue is $280.5 billion and it has been named one of the top four or five technology companies by share price. Ads on your website from an online shopping giant that are tailored for the users on your website are sure to create a decent amount of revenue for the website.

This is basically an alternative to building a storefront. Companies like Amazon do not want to limit the places from which they sell. Amazon and companies of the like see an incentive in having their products advertised on different websites because this ensures that they are not missing out on a huge market. Therefore, a partnership between such a company and a website owner is usually mutually beneficial.

Alternative to Blackhat Campaigns

Blackhat SEO is a way to increase the rank of webpage which allows it to gain a larger amount of traffic, shares etc. Blackhat practices however are unethical and even at times, illegal. Blackhat campaigns violate the terms and conditions of the search engine. Making use of black hat tactics to build a greater audience also comes with the great risk of the website becoming banned. Many website owners find themselves turning to black hat tactics to become a serious part of the competition. Since black hat tactics involve a great deal of risk however, and are unethical, it can be very unwise to make use of them. This is another area where having an approved website works wonders.

Websites that are Google News approved do not have to think about resorting to black hat tactics to stay relevant or to build an audience. Monetization becomes much easier when it comes to approved websites.

Affiliate Programs and Banner Advertising

These are some other ways of monetizing your website. Banner advertising is having banners on your websites (clickable graphics that once clicked on, re-direct you to another site) and then obtaining an amount of revenue for every click on said banners. Some firms however have a few more strictures in place and only pay the website if, after a user has clicked on a banner, he/she has also made a purchase.

Then there are affiliate programs. These pay the website for referring people to them. This can be done in various ways. The simplest includes having a link for another website on your website. Clicking on the link can be made into a more attractive option by perhaps displaying a little information about what the site offers. These relationships between websites can go a long way to benefit both of them.

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The Google News approved website will initially be hosted on our host. However, the website can be moved to your host if you ask for it after the delivery.

The approval is fully guaranteed. While it is unlikely, there is a small chance that you may encounter an issue. Should that happen, we offer full support and will help navigate you through different processes and also do our part to ensure that you get what you paid for.

We have many different websites for sale. Ordering the website is a very simple process that is only going to take five minutes of your time. To order your website, simply navigate to the PayPal order button on the website. Before placing your order, you’ll just have to fill out a form and you’re good to go!

There are a number of reasons why you should certainly opt for getting a Google News approved website instead of one that is not. Even, if the regular website does have an already built consumer base, there is no guarantee for the maintenance of that user base or of increasing it. With a Google News approved it is almost impossible to not earn from it. Having a website that is trusted by Google puts it in a different league than other websites.

Once you make the purchase, the Google News Approved Domain will be transferred to your registered account and so will its website contents.

We strongly recommend that you look at all the factors that are important to you before making your purchase. The amount of traffic you receive, and the monetary value of your website will strictly be up to you and how you manage the website. Should you fail to keep posting relevant content and not giving your audience what they need, you will not benefit as much as you’d want from the website. Upon purchase, no refund will be issued.

We cannot guarantee traffic as this factor solely depends on how you manage your website and what sort of content you post, how often you post it and its quality. As a Google News Approved website, it is sure to have a very strong foundation to start on. However, what happens to it in the future is very much dependent on you.

Should your website fall out of the news index within 21 days, you will be provided with a free replacement as long as you did not violate the Google News Content policy. It is also necessary that you post content at least once a week.

We realize that the kind of websites you want can either be ones that have been already established or starter websites. We offer both so that you can start from scratch and ensure that the website goes in the direction that you want to take it in, or, so that you can have a website that has already been established and doesn’t need work to be put in to simply get going.


The world is constantly changing and evolving. It is essential to keep up with the world as it goes through various different changes and adapt to them to stay relevant and afloat. With increasing use of technology and our rapid climb towards the digital side of things, the internet is more important than it has ever been. It continues to increase in importance every day. As of right now, it is not exactly optional anymore to make use of the internet and the features it offers to get ahead. It has become a necessity because the internet allows you to do things that you could not do before. These things include reaching out to more people, having unlimited marketing, having a hub for all the information the world has to offer and using that information in a way you see fit to maximize profits, productivity and knowledge. To be a successful firm in today's day and age, it is beyond important to keep up with the world behind screens and utilize its features to give you an advantage.

Google News Approved websites are a feature of the internet that opens up various new possibilities. Whether you are a blogger, artist, writer, these websites are sure to give you the exposure that you desire. Buying approved websites is a sure-fire way to put your content and ideas on the map and becoming recognized.

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